Jazz Kang has helped many people with different challenges from a therapy perspective. Additionally Jazz takes great pride in her supervision & workshop work where she can help practitioners be the best they can be as practising therapists.

I was very scared about revealing my sexuality, but Jazz built my confidence & helped me to terms with coming out. It was such an unhappy time, I could not have done it without her help.

Me & my husband were ready to separate & seeing Jazz was our last throw of the dice. We are so glad we did. We have never been happier.

I had been feeling suicidal for many years. Jazz helped me so much. My life is wonderful now & I can’t believe that I had wanted to end it all.

My mother’s sudden death impacted so badly on me, my relationship & my family. I came alone first but then my partner came with me & now we are in a much better place. Thank you Jazz.

Seeing Jazz I realised that I had never loved myself. Now I do & my life has changed a 1000%. I am even dating after 13 years!

I was always stressed, I could never relax & started to develop so much anxiety I almost stopped sleeping. 6 sessions with Jazz & I am a totally new person.

In my community therapy has a stigma, so I avoided it for years. I did not know it was all 100% confidential. But now I don’t care, Jazz has changed my life.

Jazz is an amazing supervisor. She has helped me grow as a person to become the successful therapist I am today. Without her help over the years I have no doubt that I would not be this successful. She is trained in so many fields that I am completely confident in her when I seek her guidance. She understands that I am an individual & have my own way of working within my modalities & gives appropriate guidance that will work for both me & my clients. She also takes an active & keen interest in me personally without being too invasive. She always has my best interests at heart & is brilliant at listening to me with what is going on in my life that might have an impact on my work. I can’t recommend Jazz highly enough. If anyone ever has a chance to work with her in any way, they are a lucky person. Thank you for all your help so far.

Jazz is a fantastic supervisor with many years of experience which she is able to use to guide & support supervisees. I have always found Jazz to be understanding & flexible in her approach. I would highly recommend her as she is consistent, reliable & trustworthy. Thank you for your ongoing support & guidance.

Jazz has been my supervisor for a year & has supported my developing sense of identity within counselling by ensuring reflection regarding my practice; the linking of this with client welfare & the integration of counselling modalities. Jazz has had a significant impact on my work with clients resulting in my relational responsiveness increasing, all within a safe space in which I can be heard, challenged & supported.

Jazz is an amazing lecturer, supervisor & above all a human being. She has always guided me & enriched me as a therapist & her knowledge & insight has always inspired me. Her strength in ethical practice & legal handling of psychotherapy issues gives any supervisee comfort & confidence. Without a doubt I wouldn’t be where I am professionally & personally without her support. Highly recommended.

Jazz Kang was my clinical supervisor. I could not recommend Jazz highly enough. She has been ever so supportive & informative with regards to my career & professional development. I always speak so highly of Jazz’s professionalism & would definitely encourage anyone to work with Jazz, whether that be therapy or supervision.

Jazz is amazing, I can’t thank her enough! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. She continues to support & encourage me! Would highly recommend jazz to everyone. Jazz has been my clinical supervisor & mentor for some years now. She has always been there to help, support & guide me. Her knowledge, experience & caring nature are just some of the many things that makes her such an amazing supervisor.

I was fortunate enough to work with Jazz recently, in a short 4 hours she totally turned the way I view & interact with people upside down, amazing insight.

Jazz is a wonderful person who is very dedicated & committed to her work. She is very caring & warm-hearted & is true to her word.

Jazz is the most insightful supervisor. My work as a therapist couldn’t be better without her guidance & training. She’s superb!

Jazz is a highly supportive trainer & supervisor. Her breadth of knowledge is inspiring. If you need guidance in any capacity I would highly recommend Jazz’s help.

Great psychotherapist & supervisor. Professional & very experienced.

Jazz is a highly supportive trainer & supervisor. Her breadth of knowledge is inspiring. If you need guidance in any capacity I would highly recommend Jazz’s help.

Jazz has been my tutor, supervisor & absolute rock since starting university. She has continuously supported me to achieve the very best I can & I will thank her for that always. She is one of the most professional & kind women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting & has made my whole experience unforgettable. She has also supported me through some tough times & is very genuine. I would highly recommend any of her services & would feel honoured to have her as my therapist.

I have gained lots from having you as a trainer & supervisor. Your passion for your clients & commitment to do the best for them is outstanding. I wish you all the best for the future.


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